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Exercise shoes

Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 (Exercise Shoes)

Denajha Phillips, a NASM-certified fitness coach, relies on this laceless tennis shoe for HIIT workouts and jumping around. It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re comfortable for her level feet, they’re still there!
There are two things she looks for in a shoe: “something that is going to be agreeable as well as something that will form to my foot so that it can get me through my exercises and my walks,” she says. Although they’re not difficult to put on, Phillips says that the thick, padded sole has a lot of impacts.
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New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer

Designed for the variety that HIIT and cross-training workouts offer, these sneakers feature a great deal of traction and a “supportive foam midsole and insoles that can be removed to add your custom orthotics,” explains Freeman. “They offer performance, versatility, and unique design.”
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Nike Air Huarache

A tight fit is important for April Sutton’s high-intensity interval training, she says. This is not the only time she will exercise in them. ‘I use them for cross-training and plyometric exercises like box jumps and ladder drills,’ she says.
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APL TechLoom Phantom

While looking for a sleeker pair of sneakers for her favorite classes, such as Fhitting Room and Rumble, Brooke Lessinger came across these. Exercise  shoes, she says, are perfect if you want to “comfortably do burpees and box jumps,” but also want a “more fashionable look” that you can wear throughout the day. They’re priced at $80.
‘My feet feel safe and they look adorable,’ she says. If you want a workout class that has a little bit of everything, Lieberman recommends APIs. The Chu, says he uses his APLs for “everyday workouts, strength training, and getting to workouts as well as wearing around town.”
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The GEL-Nimbus 22

It took years for Samantha Flax, an account manager at Pinterest to notice knee pain after wearing trendy lightweight running sneakers for years. It was only after she switched to Asics, however, that her “knee pain completely disappeared.”
They’re also “super-lightweight and flexible, making them perform well in high-intensity training classes where there is a lot of jumping and other activities that put stress on my knees,” she adds in her explanation. Even though “they’re not the prettiest sneakers,” she prefers support over style when it comes to exercise shoes, and she’s not alone.

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