Are flats still popular in the footwear industry?

Apart from glamour and fashion, the most accessible and easy alternative to the painful high heels are flats. They are very affordable with simple designs and as the name tells us they do not have an elevated heel and have a uniform surface of the sole. They are the best when you need to do your work fast and can’t pay attention to the legs and have your focus diverted to anything else. The flats have emerged victorious in terms of different designs and work done on them, they have marked their fashion quotient high in the footwear industry. The cost effective factor as compared to the heels is another feature which promotes them among the female population. They are a good option for kids and teenagers as they can’t handle themselves with heels. Though they are thin in material but they are really comfortable and they will give you a painless experience.Flats

Kinds of flats

There are various kinds of brands which provide you with fancy yet comfortable flats like hush puppies, skechers, bata, UNC Mart etc.

There are different types of flats available which may be called by numerous names, some of the types are : Espadrilles, slide sandals, Gladiator sandals, flip flop sandals, derby, ballet flats, Mules, Canvas sneakers.

Espadrilles : they are famous as Spanish summer footwear and are usually roped soled flats. The upper is made of cotton or fabric and these are quite flexible shoes. Pairing espadrilles with the outfits is a very easy job and as there are different prints in which the shoes are produced it becomes an easy job. Beige long coat with black pants paired with blue or black espadrille is fantastic on a cold evening. White full strap espadrille can be clubbed with a short dress which is perfect for a Sunday outing with the matching accessories.Espadrilles

Slide sandals : these are backless without any support to the ankle. They may have one or more straps and are similar in appearance to flip flops but these are more firm and sturdy making them merrier than the flip flops. The manufacturers play with the strap design and bring out amazing styles with popping colours to make them unique and likable.Slide sandals

A few examples to consider are the bow attached to the strap, some have pearl embellishments on it and also the twisted straps look really pretty. These fall In the zone of casual type and people pair them with subtle colors and light shade outfits. They maintain the balance between fashion and comfort.Slide sandals

Gladiator sandals : these are strong soled flats with straps which run till the claves, now the straps which limit till the ankle are also marketed. These shorter versions are preferred by the women lately. They fall under the bold category and look glamorous with a dress or a skirt. They look good in colors like beige, brown and black but colors like red, orange and pink are favored as well.  When going out for a party they can be the perfect fit. These reflect your glam side and everyone will surely appreciate your fashion choice.Gladiator sandals

Flip flop sandals are the relaxed and most casual type of flats which come in handy for short duration work. People are spotted pairing these even with denims and tees nowadays. Mostly worn for evening walks or for work in a nearby garden. They should be strictly avoided for formal gatherings and will not create a good impression.

Ballet flats : flats are the type of shoe covering the toes with or without pointed toe. These look elegant and give more of a girly vibe. These are decent looking shoes which expose the instep portion. The diverse material used in the making gives a comfortable fit to the user. They may be basic but are the most versatile and possess their own reputation.

Mule flats : these are the upgraded versions of mule shoes. These are flat with closed toes. They are very comfortable to walk in. As mules have closed toe design they get adjusted to the formal occasions and will look great with ethnic clothes. Leather and suede is used for manufacturing them and that is the reason it gives a firm and well structured look to the footwear.Mule flats

Canvas sneakers are considered here as these do not have a heel, canvas sneakers are the trendy and most fashionable footwear of the lot. They are one of the favourites among women and are super comforting to the feet.

Flats if worn right do not create much problem, the most important part is the fitting as these shoes do not provide ankle support. There should be enough space for the toes and there is no arch system to the flats which necessitates the size in this case. They can be considered as your good friend in summers and winters. They look really pretty and have different moods for the occasion. They are easy to wear and can be sight gazers when you are leading a program. I would prefer flats any day owing to the comfort they provide along with maintaining the street style. These are the perfect match for an outdoorsy person who is up on their feet the whole day.Fashion flats

Summing up on the flats I would say they are the best kind of comfort and stylish footwear for a woman who knows her style and is willing to ditch the heels and can’t go with heels at the cost of comfort. This depicts the happy go lucky personality and no care attitude which is very much needed in this world. Pick your style and be confident is the motto. Choose the perfect size and up to date design and you are good to go. These are some of the features why flats are widely preferred by the customers and there is no reason you should shy away from them. I hope you have read and liked the article, for more information on footwears keep reading. Thank you so much.

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