Old people like grandmothers and grandfathers in the house are the ones who require more care and support at their age and everything starting from their clothes to footwear should be easy to wear and comfortable, especially footwear as they help them while walking. As individuals get older with time, they prefer wearing sandals rather than shoes or slippers. To prevent them from falling and to provide comfort they need more comfy and cushiony sandals so that their foot doesn’t hurt. As many a times you must have seen elderly people falling because of slippery floors or the material of the sandals they wear and they get hurt, it makes us feel really bad to see that so choosing the right material with comfortable sandals is our job. Also, it is preferred to consult a good doctor before buying a sandal for them as foot issues such as: seed corns, fallen arches, bunions etc, starts developing in elderly people.

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As you must be confused about the styles and designs of the sandals for elderly people, they come in many styles and designs and you can buy any of the styles that suits them. Some of the designs and styles for the sandals are: 

  1. Adjustable sandals for indoors and outdoors: these sandals contain straps for easy open and close, they are adjustable and slip proof. 
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  1. Snap lock sandals: these sandals have locks at the end of the strap to keep the foot safe and they have comfy cousins to provide comfort to the foot. 
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  1. Strap sandal: these sandals lock the ankle and heel to avoid the chance of rolling an anchor while walking. 
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  1. Fisherman sandals: these sandals are custom fit and have stability in them, they provide support to the foot and keeps the curves secure. 
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These were some of the most common and famous styles that are preferred by elderly people. They come in colours like brown, light brown, coffee brown, black, dark blue, grey etc. 

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You must be wondering about that these sandals might be very expensive! But no, the price basically depends on the making, material used, brand, styles etc. normally their price varies from 700-3000 rupees but as you go for more higher brands the price increases. But branded sandals are always a better choice since they are more comfortable. Also, the price of sandals depends upon the kind and type of sandal preferred by the doctors for elderly people. 

Since you must be having doubts about the slipping of sandals in water or slippery floors, but not to worry about, these sandals are made with good material by keeping in mind the requirement for the elderly people and the foot issues they go through. So, they are fully water and slip proof and can be worn in any weather and on any floor. 

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These sandals are made from leather, wood, cloth or rubber. The strap is made using cloth or leather and is designed in a rectangular shape and the fabric used is of high quality to provide comfort and breathing space for the foot, then the sole is made by keeping in mind about the medical conditions of elderly people using cushion to provide support, stability of foot and comfort. Also, the straps are adjustable to all sizes, by keeping in mind about the pressure points and foot issues the cushion used is of high quality. They are easy to put and absorbs sweat so that the foot doesn’t slip on the sole. They are designed in a fashionable way to provide a beautiful look and they goes with everything either it is suit or pyjamas or anything else. They are fully waterproof. The grip of these sandals is designed such that they don’t slip and can be worn on any type of road or floor. Keeping all the factors in mind these sandals are designed by professionals with good quality of material. 

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 As we all know that if there are branded things then there are also cheap and unbranded things as well and people usually go for unbranded stuff as it costs cheaper than the branded one. But to avoid foot issues that can foot pain or injury to elderly people, making right choice about a product especially footwear is important as making a bad choice might result in problems or injuries like seed corn, ingrowth, poor blood circulation, diabetic foot conditions, heel pain, bunions etc. for them. So, it is important to keep the following factors in mind before buying sandals for elderly people: 

  1. Brand: this is the most important factor to be considered as branded footwear are made of right and high quality of material making the sandals comfortable to wear. Branded sandals are designed by professionals and they know exactly how to make a good sandal. Unbranded sandals may come at low prices but they are not waterproof or slip-proof and the grip in them is usually made with plastic that is prone to slippery floor. So, it is important to buy sandals from good brands like sketchers, silverts etc. 
  2. Size: choosing the correct size for their foot is important as if the size would be wrong their foot might start getting pain or they might get cramps in their foot or they might start developing shoe bite kind of problems. Size should be such that the foot gets an easy space for breathing. 
  3. Straps of sandals: the strap should not be too large that the foot starts coming out of the sandal and the strap should not be too small that the foot starts swelling. The strap should be of perfect size and of good material. 
  4. Resist sweating: the sandal should be made from good material so that it absorbs sweat in summers and resist the foot from slipping on the sole. 
  5. Sandals should not produce uncomfortable sounds when they are worn in water or on slippery floors since that sound irritating. So, the grip material is also a factor to be considered while buying sandals for them.
  6. Heels: the sandals should not have a very high heel as it creates difficulty in walking and also causes heel pain.

All these factors will help you in buying a good pair of sandals for the elderly people in your home and will provide them a comfy and a beautiful look by keeping their foot safe and problem free.

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