Footwear is made of leather to cover the foot.
It became a request site for the human race to protect their feet from heat, cold, dust, and coarseness of ground. Thus, shoes and sandals were originated for protection. Mainly Western and other countries enlarged footwear industries.


History of footwear

Different eras had different styles and types of shoes. The development in technologies, seizure of new land and material had an evolution in it. With the setup of social classes, sandals grow in popularity during the period of prehistory. The hero’s used chiefly during the middle ages.

history of shoes

At the beginning of the Renaissance period men and women, stylish shoes were identical. Depending upon the social classes the shoes varied. During the middle age period, the society was classified based upon their shoes and clothes Peasants – wore dark leather boots Noblemen – fancy footwears meanwhile with the advancements in technology the understanding of shoes changed. It made the work easy and simple.

Where did the first sandals emerge?

It emerged in ancient Egypt. The sandals were made up of materials like fiber, royal leather, and palm leaves. To the present different social classes, different colors were worn. The Greek and Roman sandals are very long and have hard laces. Both men and women have the same type of shoes.

Clothes and shoes were symbols of power. Hence people wore it according to the person’s position.

Many footwears appeared during the middle age times. The heel was first discovered during this time, men in particular fitted it. During this period shoes but made up of velvet and decorative elements.


By the end of the 18th -century fashion had a different understanding. Women’s shoes wear hidden under skirts. So footwears specifically were gaining popularity among men. Mainly Spain and Italy played a major role in producing shoes. It was made using patterns and fancy materials. Footwear shop made here was gaining popularity and expanded across Europe. To exhibit superiority King during the Renaissance period fitted shoes.

When the rejuvenation of culture was done, knights took uncle boats which made them comfortable for fighting.
By the period of Baroque, footwear was made from extensive materials like silk, velvet and Satin. To show their status men during this period wore red heels. Towards the end of the 17th -century men began to wear boots with socks. Only during the 19th century, the styles of shoes were different for both men and women.


Footwear made from fabric became prominent during the Napoleon period. Production of the industrial revolution had a complete advancement in footwear. With the invention of sewing machine fabric made footwear was blooming.


In the 19th century shoes tied with lace were popular. The shoemaking method was developed by Ernst Matzeliger to made the process easy and about 700 pairs were made each day.

In the 20th century, the show culture was entirely different. The raw materials become cheaper. The structure and style of footwear became different. Fancy and colorful heels were produced. Further sports shoes had a greater impact. Slowly the “sneaker” grew in terms of popularity. Even today the sneakers stand stop.
The evolution of footwear is really interesting. It discloses the type of social class that existed, the fashion that existed at a particular time, and its progress. It is also noted that the slaves and the poor didn’t have any footwear. But the generation now is different. With the advancement in technology, this 21st century creates ways of opportunities to decide fashion.


  • Sneakers – The sports show carries like lightweight and is very smooth. It is available in various colors and patterns. The first sneaker was invented during the 18th century and was called Plimsolls.
  • Boots – Most customarily, boots are made up of rubber or leather. The product as well as gives support to the ankles. They additionally offer proper grip.
  • Clogs – It is often worn among nurses and doctors. It is preferred by people who work standing for long. Traditionally they are made from wood. Each piece is carved in a single piece. These clogs are usually open kind.
  • Moccasins – They are made up of soft cushion type pairs. It has laces to adjust according to their need. Moccasins are one of the oldest styles of shoes. It takes around 30,000 years ago. This is first utilized by native Americans. Often it comes with variations using beads, decorative items, and various patterns.
  • Slide sandals – In particular, these sandals were used for daily wear. They can be easily slider to the feet. They come in exciting colors and patterns.
  • Snow boots – As the name suggests these boards are used to protect from cold. Typically it is made heavier and thicker. It keeps the feet warm.


Footwear plays a major part in our life. Shoes provide proper support to our feet. In most countries, shoes are often recognized as a representation of culture and social class. It also prevents from
 Nail infection
 Corns
 Ingrown Toenail

Barefoot can cause health-related problems. Certain shoes act as a tool to protect from temperature. Every person has a different level of tolerance towards temperature. It can protect chemicals, toxins, glasses, and wires. People working in labs, under UV rays and chemicals, are forced to cover their feet.

Also, people who don’t have heat sensations like diabetes certainly need shoes. The more we resist wearing footwear, the higher the risk. Reason for rising in demand.

In 2018 the footwear industry was projected at US$ 207.6 billion. By 2025 it is expected to reach US$ 269.9 billion at a CAGR of 3.8 %. The rising demand for footwear includes indoor footwear, kids’ shoes, women’s heels, men’s sandals, and sports shoes. Leading companies are mainly focusing on increasing the range of products.

Moreover, occasions like the Olympics, World Cup, commonwealth games, and Asian games are demanding footwear in recent times. Some of the leading companies are
 ASICS Corp
 Skechers USA
 Reebok
 Nike Inc
 Polar Tec

The increasing need for footwear is a comfortable and trendy type.


The power of footwear is increasing. They reflect one lifestyle. This field is the art of creation. it is the art of creating trendy and decorative shoes according to the current fashion.

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