Wearing of footwear dates back to Romans time and was seen by them as a sign of status and dignity. However, in later stages, it became a necessity for people to protect their feet from adversities. Now wearing shoes is considered a style statement and people often judge you depending on the footwear you wear.

Undoubtedly every woman has the desire to own a lot of footwear and the urge to keep updating the collection is never-ending. Owning alone isn’t enough but along with it you have to be trendy and fashionable but what do we do after they go out of style. One quick solution to all your worries is to buy the ones that never go out of trend and are must-have footwear in the woman’s closet.


  1. Heels
    • Heels are always the talk of the town when you have to rock a party. There are plenty of options to choose from according to your style and comfort. Some of the types being: Pumps, Stilettos, Wedges and Ankle strap heels. Pumps are known to be the style of the streets and go well with almost any outfit, you can pair it up with jeans or a nice dress.
    • Of Course there are some cons for heels because of their great height, you should definitely practice the walk to be safe and not engage in unwanted mishaps. Next in the line are wedges which are my personal favourite as they have wider heel width and are comparatively safer than heels and are quite stable if you are a newbie. They come in different colours and styles. You can pair them with solid denim shorts, flowy pants etc.
    • Ankle strap heels as the name suggests, have a strap for you to hold on to them and gives some stability hence reducing the possibility of you falling off. Black strappy heels will look outstanding on a black and white dress. Stilettos are long heels ranging from a height of 2.5 to 25 cm long. These are well-known pointy heels that can glam up the look of any ordinary outfit.
stylish footwear
  1. Boots
    • I am sure everyone at some point of time dreams of owning a pair of boots. These are classy and sheek, I wonder who doesn’t love them? These are comfort-wears and uplifts the whole look. These go amazingly well with long coats and full length dresses and are perfect for a wintery evening.
image 16 You Need Comfort in Footwear
  1. Sneakers
    • Sneakers have been at the peak of fashion for quite a long time now, mainly due to its comfortable fit and not to deny its cool appearance. These are the trend setters and spot on for a casual getup. They are stylish and gender friendly and that is why people truly are in love with them.
  2. Flats
    • Clearly establishing its identity from the name itself, flats are famous for its use at office’s and for formal gatherings. They come in different styles – ethnic, casual or formal. You can choose your preference from a variety of options available like espadrilles, slide sandals, work ready styles, derby shoes,ballets. Espadrilles give a little breather to your feet which makes them different from shoes. Work ready styles fall on the formal side.
  1. Flip- flops
    • These are different from slippers as these have defined shape and size. These are daily home wear types of footwear. The ones you wear when you are travelling, which are comfy and easy to wear. These are your go to shoes for relaxation and comfort. Mostly seen with loose clothes on a beach.

So let us take a look at all-time trending footwear of women:

How to buy the right shoes?

  1. Decide the type of shoes you want to buy.
  2. If you are buying them online then go through the different websites available.
  3. You can scroll and check by visual appearance if you like something.
  4. Check the size chart and select the one appropriate for you.
  5. Then you are ready to buy.
image 17 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Some tips and tricks:
Knowing the size of your shoe really matters and you should always check the feet at the end of the day as experts say you tend to have longer legs at the end of the day.
Take a measuring tape and measure the size from the tip of the toe to the back of the feet, units can vary.

Always check the units in which the shoes are being sold as they vary depending upon the standards used by the company.

Boots always look great in colors like black, white, and brown shades whereas the heels or stilettos look great in red or nude color.

I hope this article was beneficial for you and now you can hop on to buy your favorite pair of shoes, do comment and let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading.

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