5 Reasons Why Slip On Shoes Are Perfect

Slip Ons have started becoming popular again!

slip ons

It’s difficult to envision what life will resemble if footwear wasn’t there in our lives. Everything began in the view of a genuine need to shield the foot from the outside impact. This apparently human need transformed into a rapidly developing industry where the configuration was similarly just about as significant as usefulness. Albeit the characteristics of footwear have stayed unaltered, glancing back at the long and intriguing history of shoes, you can see that the color, materials, and designs changed according to the new generation’s needs.

If you see the past trends then you can clearly understand the fact that fashion is a cycle that keeps changing and many times the past trend comes with a twist in the modern world. Earlier we don’t acknowledge some of the facts or knowledge we needed for making footwear, but now the footwear designers are more detail orientated and focusing on the bio-based concept of footwear making in order to have a cleaner future in the footwear market.

Now coming to our topic, Slip-On shoes are something that you can wear for a casual day out and it’s also very easily slips on the foot with no other adjustments needed. Slip-on is also known as loafers or slippers and they usually carry the resemblance of the moccasin.

slip on shoes

There are vast varieties of slip-on styles available like Willsmith Style (having a row of points in V-shapes along with the edge kind of seam with supported toe box and also vertical sewing on the toe area), Aurland Style ( having an elevated seam on upper like moccasins and a tapered kind of cut on the saddle ), Penny Style( having a leather saddle strap band on the upper with a cut out to grab a penny), Kilted Style ( having a kilt finishing on the upper), Horse biti Style, Belgian Style, Tasselled Style and many more. Some are still being used these days but the authenticity lacks.

The use of synthetic material for Slip-on is increasing day by day that is most harmful to the environment and the quality is also not up to the mark but the cost-effective factor is making this footwear affordable for the customers. Today’s Slip-On shoe dearth the glory of the past, earlier all the materials were natural and not harmful for the environment but now the competition of different styles, designs, and other factors are more attractive for manufacturers that they are not able to fathom the fact that what they are giving back to the natural earth.

slip on shoes

The environment is a very serious issue with which every manufacturer is dealing and the other factor is the authenticity and what is already available as traditional Slip-on Styles that we are avoiding for a very long time. The modern manufacturers are not giving the space to this traditional Slip-On footwear that is handcrafted, detailed, and finely designed with vegetable-tanned leather (environmentally friendly).

Nowadays most designers were shifting towards sustainable fashion but not focusing on the already available traditional footwear that is available for a very long time but the demand for this kind of footwear is low because of our lack of awareness.

slip on shoes

If we take the example of India, we can clearly see that the government is now focusing on make in India scheme, and using these handcrafted traditional footwear will increase employment. I think celebrities and even fashion influencers should wear these kind of footwear to encourage or aware of the society about benefits of using this kind of traditional Slip-On.

The designers also should focus on sustainable material as well as on this traditional footwear and how they can be treated with chemicals that are not very harmful, adheres to the particular need of a customer, and make it eligible for the modern world.

We can take the shape, style, design, color palette of the earlier slip-on footwear through which we can make a kind of traditional Slip-On but because of the sustainability factor, we can change the material or can explore with the other material that is suitable for a particular style. The detailed work and the quality of footwear will make a difference in society even the production cost will be so low.

We can also sell it at a minimum price range so that middle-class people can afford this kind of footwear. This kind of footwear can be a statement for a society by carrying past
eminence with them. This kind of traditional Slip-on is the long-term solution as compared to the recent kind of slip ons that is harmful to the environment as well as the quality is not so good.


So the points that I would like to mention

First, is that customers should be aware of the footwear that they are buying for so many years and what are the impacts of this footwear and also should start practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The second thing that I have noticed is that now all the producers are moving towards eco-friendly Materials for
footwear and even exploring it, but little did we care about the traditional footwear that is here for about 10-20 years and they are made up of biodegradable Materials with amazing features. The demand for this footwear is low because of our lack of awareness.

The third point is that the producers should have to show little concern towards the Material that is already available for making traditional footwear and also on more exploration on Sustainable material that can be used.

The fourth point is that we should acknowledge the earlier eminence of different kinds of footwear not of a particular style so that we can bring something special for the customer in the view of natural ethnicity and the prime example of footwear on the plate.

And the last thing is that the use of this kind of footwear is a long-term solution compared with recycling and product recovery which is a short-term end-of-life management option. However, the making of these products and even the samples should be further examined at the research and development stages at present.

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