11 Ways To Style Sneaker shoes To Look The Best

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No one must have imagined the shoes which were meant as sporty wear would turn into casual wear with the ever-increasing demand for them all over the world. The love for them grew among youth to such an extent that they started collecting every single type of sneaker that ever existed and these guys were termed as sneakerheads.

This affection is completely justifiable as sneakers are so comfortable and stylish and you are always in awe of them. With different variations coming in still they won’t get out of trend so soon.

Soon they became a part of hip hop culture and dance troops. By which you can get an estimate of their flexibility. By now you must have felt the urge of buying one, so let us check out some of the types:


1.Plimsoll sneaker
They were the first ones to become popular in the 1870s, they are quite comfortable and stylish. These are also called low-top sneakers. These are usually worn without socks and attract people anyways. You can pair them with nice jeans and casual attire.

image 52 You Need Comfort in Footwear
  1. Slip ons
    These are slightly different from plimsoll and are lace-less. They look great with casual outfits and are of course easy to wear. Another name for comfort is slip ons. These are your daily wear bestfriends which are available even in metallic surfaces which amp up the look altogether.
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  1. Athletic kick
    These give a sporty vibe and are very much flexible and allow the movement freely. These can be worn when you are doing intense running or normal walking and are versatile. A pair is always handy and you will definitely end up using them most of the time.
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4.Classic converse sneakers
These are one of the conventional types and people have been using them for a long time. One key feature is the high neck of the shoes which gives them a very unique look.

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  1. High top basketball sneakers
    1. They are worn by basketball players as the name suggests. They look very classic by their appearance.These also have a neck and a flat sole. General public also wears them regularly and definitely are one of the favourites.
    2. These have a major advantage that you can wear long socks with them and these ones are a fashion statement alone, you need not worry about the outfit. Basketball sneakers and shorts is match made in heaven.
  1. Authentic sneakers
    They are very famous and have long laces like the traditional ones. These are very trendy and go well with any dresses and shorts, pretty well. The design is minimalist and simple with a cool vibe. The best part about them is they be used as formals and casuals very easily.
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  1. Leather sneakers
    Formal wear world won’t like to stay behind the trend and to satisfy your needs leather sneakers are here for your rescue. These are obviously made up of leather which makes them bid for a higher price but the brownie point goes for the longevity. With a little cleaning here and there they will stay in good condition for quite a long time. They are best fit for a formal look,which looks stunning with blazers and suits.
  1. LED lighted sneakers
    They have tiny LED lights across the outer sole of the shoe and are famous among the ladies but these can be considered as the dance shoe and will look really jazzy with lights off. They can be paired with jeans and a jacket and are the centre of attraction.
  1. Textile sneakers
    These are the ones made using different types of material like plastic, leather and so on. The comfort may not be so great and the feel will vary depending on the user.
  2. Synthetic sneakers
    These are not my favorite as the material is not breathable and gets really weird after using it for a few times. I have heard people say that they smell a lot and that’s a bad review hands down so I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying them.
  3. Designer sneakers
    As the demand for sneakers was rising some of the famous designers thought of targeting the sneakers by launching some limited edition designer sneakers and people got fetish for them quickly, which would get sold out like hot cakes. They have their unique designs and colours.


Some of the trendy looks for women

  1. Long cotton dress with your favourite pair of sneakers by playing around with the colours is a great choice for casual wear.
  2. Of Course the last minute tshirt and jeans combo is perfect with white slip on sneakers. This one’s for the sloths like me.
  3. Short dresses with a long coat go well with brown leather sneakers.
  4. Sneakers are now paired up with saree, so I need not say much here. The fashion is here to stay.
  5. Cropped top with skinny jeans along with converse sneakers, are you not rocking the street style already?
    Some trendy looks for men
    1. White tshirt, black pants and white sneakers – easy and classic casual look.
    2. I feel everyone must have one pair of high top basketball sneakers, they are just irresistible and funky
      which raise the standard of any outfit.
    3. Formal wear with suede or leather sneakers are great and slip ones will also do the job.

Lastly I would say evaluate and buy the perfect pair of sneakers for yourself by inspecting the fit, shape of the shoe- the one which takes up the shape of your feet perfectly, feel of the shoe – wearing too tight shoes is not good for your legs, so don’t mind on exchanging the shoes if they don’t fit you right.

Knowing what you buy, before you get your hands on them is must, do check for the shelf life and warranty criteria.
Concluding remarks would be that today sneakers are seeked by all and you can buy one without feeling guilty. I hope you are satisfied with all the information and ready to buy the sneaker of your dreams. Do share your favorites!

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