Which shoes to wear in winter for women?

Winter being the season for joy and festivities, brings in a good mood with the chills and pleasant cold weather. We begin shopping for the essentials to keep ourselves warm and cozy.

We know which shoes to wear in the rainy season the ones which are not slippery and have serrations etc but nobody told you what to wear in winters, to save yourself your cold bites and look fashionably top-notch read the shoes you might be wanting to buy.


1. Knee-high boots

These are the boots which reach knee length and are generally made up of leather, these are famous from the late 1950s, soon they were adopted by the fashion lovers and really came in handy during winter which could protect the legs from cold and the leather material provides the sufficient warmth. Earlier these were used by men for daily work activities and the purpose behind wearing them was to keep mud and dirt at bay. For women, It’s best to wear short dresses and shorts so there is enough distance maintained between shoes and the clothing.


2. Thigh high boots

These boots are similar to the previous one, the main disparity is that these reach the mid-thigh length. They may or may not have heels. To fuse a little bit of fashion you can choose the one’s having heels. They are made of leather and other synthetic materials and some have an additional zipper feature which makes the wearability easy.

.You Need Comfort in Footwear

3. Furry clogs/ fur-lined clogs

These come with padded soles and the main highlight being the fur-lined around the outer corner of the sole. Perfect for the wintery look and the fur acts as a barrier to the cold. These have different colors and look damn cute.

4.Wide calf boots

Wider at the calm, these are saviors for people who can’t fit in the knee-length ones. These have a comfortable fit and have got royal feels. Black color is usually the go-to color but you can experiment with solid yellow and blue, these look magnificent too.

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5.Shearling sandal

These sandals have a fur coat at the sole can you believe it? It is giving a soothing feel only through the picture, I can’t predict the comfort level in real. They look extremely cute and it’s like walking on a bed of roses.

6.Fuzzy slides

The shoe strap is attached with fur, a very comfortable, and cute design. Can be home wear or outdoor wear. These are easy to wear and ticks the checklist of sustainable footwear.d6zXHbslcLcQC38tQqdNRQMH Ii4d3Lpn You Need Comfort in Footwear

7. Leather pumps

Normal pumps with leather material and has a little heel, grip at the sole makes walking effortless on snow.

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Of course for people living in areas where there is snowfall, these are must-have pairs. These shoes are waterproof and the sole is made up of rubber which doesn’t allow soaking of water. Fury look and large appearance of these shoes look great in winters, thick jeans and fury sweaters everything goes together really well.

9. Slouchy boots

Boots with minor changes are the ones that add fashion to your normal high-length boots. These being unstructured in design make them stylish.  These are not tight on your legs.

 10. Combat boots

Typically made for the use of military, but these have been stealing the show in winters. These look firm and charming. Great sole and can be used for sports activities in winter.

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11. Ugg boots

These are made up of sheepskin and reach slightly above ankle length. Due to the sheepskin they act as an insulator of cold. Preferred in the regions of extreme cold.

You can style the above boots in numerous ways. Happy wear of winters is jeans and jackets with shawls and boots. Long coats, sweatshirts, and ankle-length jeans with high-heeled boots, furry sweaters with fury sandals, or shearling sandals. Long winter dresses and knee-high boots.

Boots used for skiing

Are called as ski boot, these have a system so that they can be attached the skier to ski.

Get your hands on the best footwear in the winter season as the cold starts to increase there is a higher chance of frostbites and other cold-related problems. Also, the slight drizzle can make the roads slippery.  Boots with proper arch support are just because of the cold climate you might not feel tired but the pain in the legs will make you realize the importance of this feature.

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Shoes with the best grip and the ones that provide traction as slipping on a layer of ice can really injure you badly. This helps you remain in an upright posture while walking. Furry shoes will do their job of keeping you warm but the aftercare of the shoes is your duty. They might absorb significantly less amount of moisture but it is necessary to get rid of it, you can do it by keeping the shoes in a warm place or drying them using a drier. This is also important to avoid your boots becoming smelly.

Most of the boots have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties so don’t forget to inquire about the same. Make sure to buy shoes of lightweight as already the winter clothes are quite heavy and with too much weight you might get into a snow puddle.

As the winter season is a symbol of festivities, of course for indoor parties and celebrations you can keep your regular heels and wedges of shimmer and glitter handy. Even in the boots section try out the solid colors to be attractive this winter.

We can see that winter boots are equally important as the regular shoes of other seasons and we should not ignore them as they are not only the need of the hour but also cute and stylish by appearance.

These will not be restricted to be worn only in the winter season, you can style them in other seasons too. With this, I am ending the article here, hope you found what you were looking for and loved different types of winter footwear. Thank you for reading. 

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