10 Different Types Of Popular Sport Shoes

Sport Shoes

Sports are of various types and are played in every nook and corner of the world. With people’s growing interest in playing sports, the demand for sports shoes is growing at the speed of light. There are various types of sports played like football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and so on and so forth.

For different needs, there are different kinds of shoes available now in the market and our job is to choose the right one for our activity.

Mind you, now shoes are available for your walking, hiking, trekking needs too. So let’s dig in and understand what all types of sports shoes are available. Let’s begin by naming the types of shoes, they are Gym shoes,
Running shoes, Minimalist shoes. Walking shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, trail running shoes, basketball shoes, Football shoes, Hiking shoes, cycling shoes.

sport shoes
sport shoes

1.    Gym Shoes
These are the shoes that you can wear when you are working out, there is no rigorous movement of your legs in this case. These shoes have an anti-sweat cushion from the inside, non-slip sole. Gym shoes come in different specifications depending upon the type of activity example: everyday workout shoes which have a cushioned sole and they are lightweight of around 200- 350 grams of weight. The 2nd type is weightlifting shoes, these are very durable and suitable for higher training sessions and if you are doing weightlifting professionally, they are heavy in comparison and weigh around 400- 500 grams.

2.    Running shoes
When you are going out for a long run or even for jogging these are the best as you need to wear them for a long period of time. One of the points I would keep in mind is comfort level.  You need to buy good running shoes so that there is a motion control, torsional stability, breathability, and good shock absorption so that it takes your body weight very efficiently. Now there are a variety of options available like spikes, lightweight trainers, flats, and daily trainers.

sport shoes

Spikes shoes have plastic or metallic spikes at the bottom at the forefoot. These spikes give you a good hold and are suitable for sprint races. These are stiff and solid shoes. They are lightweight and for longer races, you might have to add on the cushioning.

Lightweight trainers as the name suggests are indeed the same as their name and are good for beginners who can start by slow running and gradually increase the pace. Racing flats are worn when you go for a car race, recommended
for professionals and are lighter than spikes.
3.Minimalist shoes
These have thin surfaces and fit only the toes. These are hardly used and were meant as a protective cover for your feet. These have thin soles and allow a sensory touch of the foot to the ground hence it only protects the foot from dirt or rocks. These are not meant for any rigorous activity.

sport shoes

4.Walking shoes
Walking is an easy and cost-efficient exercise for maintaining the general health of a person. Some of the specifications to find in a walking shoe are a tendon protector, heel collar, a midsole, and a toolbox.

You can choose a lace-free option to prevent interruption during the walk. Choosing a comfortable shoe for walking is a must.

  1. Trail running shoes
    These shoes are heavier than running shoes and lighter than hiking shoes. The places like hard terrain, muddy land and places filled with snow are hard to walk using running shoes and trail running shoes can be used at these places. These contain a rock plate which eases your run over rocky areas. They can weigh upto 300 grams. They provide good energy return and are comfortable.
  2. Tennis shoes
    Tennis involves movement of the sportsperson around the court, more of sideways movement and has to be quick with his/her footwork. These have flatter soles as compared to other shoes. Before selecting tennis shoes it is highly advisable to access your foot type which are generally divided into 3 types:  overpronator, neutral and underpronator.
    Also another factor while buying tennis shoes is the type of court you are playing on.
  3. Basketball shoes
    Basketball is the fastest game and the main role played here is of the legs therefore basketball shoes are must wear. These shoes must have a flat sole and maximum shock absorption as in basketball there is involvement of jump. Some of the features include durability, flexibility and stability. Breathability is also a requirement as the matches are intense and often your feet get hot and reallysweaty, to cool them down the material inside the shoe should be sweat absorbing which will prevent future discomfort. Different types of basketball shoes are high top sneakers, mid top sneakers, low top sneakers, performance sneakers and outdoor basketball sneakers.
sport shoes
  1. Football shoes
    Players need to take a good run in a football match for which good quality shoes are required, which are stiff and have abrasion resistance and great stability. They should have stabilized cleats. Cleats have studs which can be made up of metal, rubber or plastic. Three types of studs are available- conical, bladed and hardground. The pitch is made up of grass and you need to have a good grip of the ground to avoid slipping.
  2. Hiking boots
    1. Hiking involves walking on different terrain, climbing hills and going through harsh surfaces for which you require good quality shoes which not only protects your feet but are comfortable and have good grip. Good ankle support is also a key feature in hiking shoes as you walk upwards, you don’t want to twist your leg.
    2. These are lightweight shoes and have a flexible sole. The shoes should have a heel break which reduces the chance of sliding and are sturdy.
sport shoes
  1. Cycling shoes
    Cycling shoes have stiffer soles than normal shoes as there is no bending involved like during walking. This stiffness helps in putting more force on the pedals. Some have mechanical connection to the pedals which helps in providing comfort.

I hope you read something insightful and got aware of the different shoes available. Thank you for reading!

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